On occasion, you'll find us in LZP creating not just photos, but films as well.  Make no mistake, we're not delving into the world of event videography by any means, but you will find us doing things with amazing chefs, fantastical fairies, or the occasional soulful musician!

  • Constantine - MPLS Drinks Done Right

    A promo video we shot for the amazing bar, Constantine, up in Minneapolis in the summer of 2015!

  • Dancing Stonewear - 1st Run Demo

    This was a stop-motion animation concept we came up with & tried out in our basement ahead of our first ad campaign.

  • Dancing Stonewear - 2nd Run Demo

    This was a far more stripped down demo of the stop-motion concept we did for a potential ad campaign.

  • Dancing Stonewear Official Promo Video

    After the demos were done & ideas were given back to us, we filmed this one at the Plaid Penguin homestead one afternoon!

  • Wine & Cheese Pairings

    Quick promo video to accompany the Wine & Cheese campaign we worked on.

  • Twig the Fairy DVD Kickstarter Trailer

    The epic trailer for Twig's DVD Kickstarter.

  • Twig the Fairy: Halloween Surprise

    A Twig the Fairy quickie video we shot, prior to ever tackling a whole Twig DVD.

  • Twig the Fairy 2014 Kickstarter Video

    Video for Twig's 2014 Kickstarter Campaign for her book that year.

  • Relish Carolina - Tiki Terranean Pt 1

    One of two videos we assembled for Relish Carolina's Tiki Terranean!

  • Relish Carolina - Tiki Terranean Pt. 2

    One of two videos we assembled for Relish Carolina's Tiki Terranean!

  • Relish Carolina - Mini Kahuna

    We documented Relish Carolina's first attempt at doing a small scale Relish event, hosted by Sarah Crosland!

  • The Usuffs: Party of Six

    This was a personal project of sorts - I mean, when two great friends want to make a pregnancy & gender announcement - you jump on it!

  • The Usuff Twins: One Year Later

    An update on the Usuff family after a year of twins... and a special surprise at the end!

  • Linda Salinas: Horse Whisperer

    This was actually a surprise video we did during a photo session for horse trainer, Linda Salinas. There is a sequel video to be seen too!

  • Linda Salinas - The Carolyn Resnick Method

    Here is the follow-up, PLANNED video of Linda Salinas and her horse training methods!

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